Above the Plain


Above the PLAIN of gold and GREEN,

A young boy’s HEAD is plainly SEEN;

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river,

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river.

But no, ’tis NOT his lifted HEAD,

‘Tis Ifca’s CASTle spires inSTEAD.

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river,

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river.

For our PLEAsure it was MADE,

This grand old CASTle deep in SHADE.

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river,

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river.


Above the Plain ~ soundclip

Above the Plain (Ifca’s Castle) Children’s Choir

Ifca’s Castle (Above the Plain) Women’s Choir



Five Little Babies


One little baby

Rocking in a tree.


Two little babies

Splashing in the sea.


Three little babies

Crawling on the floor.


Four little babies

Banging on the door.


Five little babies

Playing hide and seek.


Keep your eyes closed tight, now,

Until I say … PEEK!

Richard Gao (6 years old) playing Twinkle, Twinkle

“Ah vous dirai-je, Maman” (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Variations)

My Book

This is my book; it will open wide

To show the pictures that are inside.


This is my ball, so big and round,

To toss in the air

Or roll on the ground.


Here’s my umbrella to keep me dry

When the raindrops fall

From the cloudy sky.


This is my kitty; just hear her purr

When I’m gently stroking her

Soft, warm fur.


Bizet’s Le Bal

Bizet’s Biography

Singing in the Rain (movie clip)

The Cat Duet