Above the Plain


Above the PLAIN of gold and GREEN,

A young boy’s HEAD is plainly SEEN;

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river,

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river.

But no, ’tis NOT his lifted HEAD,

‘Tis Ifca’s CASTle spires inSTEAD.

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river,

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river.

For our PLEAsure it was MADE,

This grand old CASTle deep in SHADE.

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river,

A huya huya huyaya,

Swiftly flowing river.


Above the Plain ~ soundclip

Above the Plain (Ifca’s Castle) Children’s Choir

Ifca’s Castle (Above the Plain) Women’s Choir



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