Day 4 and 5

1.  Kindness Box and Links:

a.  Say:  We are going to start something new this year.  If you would like to give a student or a teacher or someone else that works at school a nice note, you can put it in the Kindness Mail Box.  The 4th graders will help me deliver them.  I am also going to write notes to students.

b.  Say:  (hold up Kindness Spiral)  I am going to be on the lookout for Kind Students.  If I catch you being kind, you will get a link to attach to the paper chain that I will start over here in the corner.

2.  Kindness Video: 

a.  Say:  We are going to watch a short video of what happens when you are kind to others.

b.  Say:  Can anyone tell me their favorite part of the video?

c.  Say:  (Hold up the Kindness Box)  Raise your hand if you would like to tell me what this box is?

d.  Say:  (Hold up a link)  Raise your hand if you would like to tell me what this link is?

3.  The Car Song:  Students will learn song and motions.

a.  Listen to music (piano) and pat the beat on your lap.

b.  Walk around the room pretending to be the driver of a car.  WALK ON THE BEAT.

c.  Walk around the room:  driver and passenger.  WALK ON THE BEAT.

d.  Walk around the room:  driver and 3 passengers.  WALK ON THE BEAT.

e.  Learn words:  Say words – tap rhythm

f.  Learn motions:  Say words – do motions

g.  Sing song – do motions (all students)

h.  sing song – do motions (randomly pick a student)


Day 2 and 3

Have Seating Chart Ready.  Have students sit in their assigned seat.

* Have Class Dojo Codes ready for the students.

* Have 4-beat rhythm patterns written on the board.

* Show students what Jazz Hands are.

1.  Rhythm Names:  Students will say their name in rhythm while tapping rhythm on instrument.

Say: Okay, boys and girls, we are going to learn how to say our name in rhythms.  I will start with mine.  Mrs. Turner (bi-tim, tim-bi).  When I put my hand out to you, you will echo my name, like this:  Show the students.  Go through the motions of what they should do:  Tap rhythm, Say name. Okay!  Do you remember the instructions?  Say what I say:  Students will say the name while tapping the rhythm. If you understand, shake your jazz hands in the air.  GREAT!

Go through all of the students’ names.


2.  Wrap It Up

Say:  Discuss with your neighbor what we did today in class.  Randomly pick a student to tell you what they did in class.