Day 12 and 13

1.  September Rhythms:

a.  Students will pat steady beat on lap.

b.  Students will echo rhythm names.

c.  Students will echo September words in rhythm.

d.  Students will stand in groups and say their word in rhythm.

2.  Watch Video:  Symphonie Fantastique:  “March to the Scaffold”

3.  The Car Song:

a.  Play on xylophones.


Day 10 and 11

1.  Kindness Notes:  Remind students to bring notes/pictures.

2.  Bandanas: Move bandanas to the pitches of the music (de Falla)

3.  The Car Song: Sing words of song while pointing to handstaff.  Sing LETTER NAMES while pointing to hand staff.  Sing SOL FA syllables while pointing to handstaff.

4.  Xylophones: Students play written music for “Car Song.”

Day 6 and 7

1.  Kindness Challenge: Announce students who have been spotted showing acts of kindness and give them their paper link.

2.  The Car Song: Students will move to the beat, play correct rhythm on instruments, play melody using hand staff and xylophones.

a. Students will walk in beat, pretending to be in a car.  Others will play African rhythm instruments or 2-finger tap rhythms.