Day 30 and 31

1.  Rhythm Warmup:

a.  Review ta, ti-ti, ti-ti-pi, and ti-pi-ti-pi

2.  Worksheet: 

     a.  Students will figure out how to say October words in rhythm, using the rhythms of song Little Susie.

3.  Worksheet:

     a.  Finish coloring notes of Where, Oh Where Is Dear Little Susie? (students who did not finish).

4.  Xylophones: 

a.  Students will play the song on the xylophones.


Day 28 and 29

1.  Worksheet:

      a.  Color the note heads of:  Where, Oh Where Is Dear Little Susie?

2.  If time:

a.  Play:  Where, Oh Where Is Dear Little Susie? – on the


Day 26 and 27

1 Review Song:

     a.  Ask:  “What song did we learn last time?”  (Dear Little Susie)

     b.  Sing song while pointing to rhythms on whiteboard.

     c.  Sing again, using rhythm names instead.

2.  Music Staff:

     a.  Review the number of lines and spaces on a staff.

     b.  Review the names and colors of the singing pitches, and the placement

on the staff.

     c.  Point to pitches on hand staff.

     d.  Sing pitch names while pointing to hand staff.

3.  Worksheet:

     a. Begin worksheet:  color notes on staff.

Day 24 and 25

1 Teach Song:  Where, Oh Where Is Dear Little Susie?

     a.  Students echo words phrase by phrase.

b.  Students echo sing phrase by phrase.

c.  Students listen to song and lip sync.

   d.  Students sing the song.

2.  Play Game:

a.  Dear Little Susie – circle game

3.  Rhythms:

a.  Match rhythms with pictures of apple cider, jack ‘o lantern, cat and pumpkin.

Day 20 and 21

1. Pass out kindness links for those who have written kindness notes.

2. Practice:
a. echo singing with hand staff and pitch names
b. echo singing with hand signs and pitch names

3. Playing “Fire on the Mountain” on xylophones.
a. students not playing will sing and “write” the song on their handstaff

4. Pa Pa Pa Papageno video
a. if time, Frozen sing-a-long